Introducing: Mijksenaar Cycling Dialogues

With ‘Mijksenaar Cycling Dialogues’ we want to create a platform to kick-start a dialogue about cycling. We feel that by connecting people with cycling initiatives, by sharing knowledge and inspiration and by working together we can achieve more.
This is also the reason why we have joined several initiatives with a similar aim. Read more about the ‘Green Deal Fiets’ and the ‘Women in Cycling’ network here.

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Cities around the world have been changing their attitudes towards mobility drastically in the last couple of years. Their mission to create more livable and more friendly surroundings for their inhabitants has resulted in numerous initiatives and programs to push back on motorized traffic and to give back space to green areas, community activities and to more sustainable modes of transport.

One of the sustainable modes of transport we are specifically interested in is cycling. We have helped people to park their bike easily in cities throughout the Netherlands, we have increased the accessibility and legibility of cycle highways and worked on a signage system for deviations that stands out in an urban environment.

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